Calogero Cammalleri is an italian self-taught fine art photographer and visual artist, born in Agrigento, Italy, 1993.

Cammalleris works focuses on the singularity of places and in the human identity with a personal vision integrating artistic research and surrealism.

In 1996 he emigrated from Palma di Montechiaro, Sicily to Germany with his parents. He studied and worked as an architectural draftsman in an architectural firm in Germany, always cultivating a passion for photography.

In 2012, one of his first works were projected on the New York’s Times Square billboards, and in 2013, the publishing house Rizzoli has chosen one for the cover of the book „Tempo di guerra“ by Giuliano Zincone.

End of the year 2013 to middle 2014 he worked on a project and book about the identity of Lampedusa Italy with Benetton Group and the United Nations High Commission for Refugees / UNHCR. It was presented in preview on September 2014 in Rome, Italy at the Temple of Hadrian.

End of the year 2014 Cammalleri got a solo exhibition at Museo Civico di Castelbuono in Palermo, Sicily.

Early 2015 he worked on a project and catalogue in collaboration with the European Union about the identity of Kairouan Tunisia.

In 2015, Cammalleri got featured on several national and international press as Vogue Italia, The British Journal of Photography and The New York Times and he has participated in several group exhibitions around Europe as Fabrica Features Lisboa Portugal, Lodz Fotofestiwal Poland , FotoLeggendo Roma Italy, Marseille ‘Institut Culturel Italien’ France.

In 2021 he won the first prize one shot award in photography at BBA Gallery / Kühlhaus Berlin.

Cammalleri is based in Düsseldorf, Germany.

First prize one shot award in photography 2021 BBA Gallery / Kühlhaus Berlin. Group exhibition from the 16th nov. – 12th dec. 2021 at Kühlhaus Berlin, Luckenwalder Str. 3, 10963 Berlin. Open from 9 am to 6 pm.